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Paul has over 25 years of knowledge and experience in MLM business development, business management, and  business ownership .  He has also owned and operated several successful multi-million dollar traditional businesses that are still in operation today.  He has MLM experience as both a field rep and corporate leader.   His latest roll was that of Sr. Vice President of a 5 year old multi-million dollar international Network Marketing Company.  Paul has consulted with MLM start-up companies in field development, internal operations, training/support of both staff and field, development of sales and marketing material.  Paul specializes in compensation plan development and execution.  His diverse experience has given him an understanding that a great compensation plan finds the unique balance of rewarding the field upfront but also providing a vehicle to generate long term residual income.  He has learned that a good compensation plan also protects the company and their need to produce profits.  It is with this perspective that he approaches every consulting relationship. He helps guide, train, and develop a business compensation model that will win every time.  


Paul has been married for 27 years has 2 beautiful children and 1 grandchild.  He enjoys entrepreneurial ventures, tennis and golf.  He also loves to travel and experience different cultures.

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