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Following graduation from Georgia Southern University, Debbie cut her teeth in retail management, setting the stage for fast learning in all aspects of running  a business.  From a seasoned “Macy’s Atlanta” to a start-up called “Victoria’s Secret”, Debbie had the opportunity to grow an existing, flourishing retail chain and start a new brand all in a few years’ time.  Debbie continued her education at the University of Georgia in Consumer Economics and Education.


Following generations of family entrepreneurs Debbie has created several successful companies. Her forte lies in management and she enjoys a good challenge. Learning comes not just from success but the twists and turns along the way.  Adding and receiving value from each experience brings substance to each contribution. 


Debbie has also created non-profit organizations, and has worked for various charities in the Atlanta area.  She has experience and success in several MLM startups working both in the field and corporately.  She finds MLM's a delight to work with because they have so many different moving parts. From business development to branding to product develpment to training entrepreneurs, there is never a dull moment!


Her most recent company Plus Five, LLC  just landed  it’s product, +5 in stores across the US and abroad. 


Debbie has a heart for people and a true love for serving others and building platforms for people to succeed.  It is her goal to connect with as many people as her journey allows!

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