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“ Growing up in a world that is rapidly becoming burdened with a variety of health problems; I have a deep passion to help others understand that they have a choice to live a long productive life OR struggle in a battle with disease, deterioration, pain and illness.”


Experience, Creations and Special Recognition:


Co-founder of Lenny and Larry’s Inc., an internationally recognized brand in the health food industry. Co-developed the healthy snack line including “The Complete Cookie” and the “Muscle Brownie”. Available in most retail markets worldwide including Walmart, Sam’s Clubs, Kroger, 7-11, Whole Foods Markets and Trader Joe’s, just to name a few


Co-Developed (along with creator of Entenmann’s brand) a line of fresh baked pastries and snacks that are all natural, nutritionally balanced and high in protein that are distributed through most retailers around the country


Creator and Founder of FIVA in 2008, a fruit and vegetable powdered drink mix sold nationwide through  a Multi-Level Marketing Company


Certified Natural Health Care Practitioner and is Certified by the International Sports Science Association as an Expert in Fitness Nutrition and Sports Nutrition.


Benny is the creator of “+ 5 “, a nutrient-rich, daily, super-concentrated extract of fruits and vegetables, vitamins, dietary fiber and 100% whole leaf aloe. Currently going into nationwide distribution.


He is a developer and co-developer of several nutritional supplement lines currently being marketed in both the human and livestock marketplace.

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